Nils-Aslak Valkeapää: Trekways of the wind

Titel: Trekways of the wind
Oorspronkelijke titel: Ruoktu váimmus, 1985
Vertaald uit het Samisch door: Ralph Salisbury
Genre: poezie
Uitgever: DAT, 1994
ISBN13: 978-82-90625-21-9ISBN: 9788290625219

Flaptekst / Beschrijving

"Until now the intense, direct, sudden lyrical poetry of the Sámi people (as they prefer to be called, rather than Lapps), the rich tradition of the yoik, has been all but unknown to readers of English. The yoiks have a kinship with other high lyrical forms of oral poetry
with the poems of the Inuit, for instance, and with what we can hear of the nomadic peoples of the Arab world and the songs of Native Americans. Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa was bom into a reindeer-breeding family, trained as a teacher, became a visual artist. His poems rise directly from the yoik tradition, at once intimately personal, traditional and evocative of a huge landscape.

Ralph Salisbury, Lars Nordstrom and Harald Gaski have done us a service in bringing these poems and these qualities of them into English."

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