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Kåre Halldén was born in Gothenburg and grew up in Bromölla, which is a small town in the south of Sweden. Before he started his own company, he lived and worked in a great number of countries. He speaks several languages fluently; English, Spanish, French and Swedish (Scandinavian). Today, he is an author and wine entrepreneur in Stockholm. His interest in writing stems from his relative, the late Professor Francisco Morales Padrón, who was the leading authority on Central and South American history in the Spanish-speaking world. (bron: winecrime.org)

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Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

  • 2012, Cavakungen, thriller
  • 2011, Champagneführern, thriller (Het champagnehuis - 2013)

Het overzicht van de werken is niet per se compleet. Ik streef om praktische redenen geen volledigheid na.


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    Het champagnehuis
    Kåre Halldén (Zweden)
    vertaald uit het Zweeds door: Erica Weeda
    Q, maart 2013
    genre: thriller
    ISBN13: 978-90-214-4655-4ISBN: 9789021446554
    oorspr. titel: Champagneführern, 2011

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